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30+ Years of American Owned & Operated
Quality CNC Machining & Manufacturing Services

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CNC Milling

Flathers Precision is a quality, precision shop, founded in Orange County, CA and currently located in a state of the art, 11,000 SQ FT facility. This facility is tooled with state-of-the-art CNC mills equipped to create custom parts that perfectly match our customers’ designs. CNC technology utilizes computer-controlled automation to provide high-speed, high-precision performance, maintain tight tolerances, and provide perfect part-to-part and lot-to-lot repeatability. Our CNC mills allow us to turn any customer design, from the simplest to the most complex, into a tangible product. Whether you have a completed CAD drawing or just a loose sketch, Flathers Precision will work with you to produce custom parts and components that meet your unique specifications whether the material is aluminum, brass, stainless steel, kovar, inconel, invar or any other super alloy.

Flathers Precision is a Quality Precision Machine Shop Orange County
Flathers Precision is a Quality Precision Machine Shop Orange County

CNC Turning

Flathers Precision Inc.  provides first-class CNC turning services. For over 25 years, we have been producing precision turned parts and components for customers in a wide range of industries, from small, local companies to major corporations all across the globe. Our experience and expertise in CNC turning enables us to create turned parts of superior quality and accuracy, in quantities from one into the thousands. Computer-controlled automation makes it possible for CNC machinery to quickly and efficiently deliver tight tolerance parts and perfect part-to-part and lot-to-lot uniformity. Turning super alloys like Kovar, Alloy 42, Titanium, Inconel are also a unique service Flathers Precision Inc offers.


Flathers Precision is a Quality Precision Machine Shop in Orange County that also provides modification services. If you have a product that only needs slight modification done to it and don’t want the expense of having to remake quantities of parts, Flathers Precision Inc provides that service also. Material ranging from molded plastic, cast aluminum to stamped steel ect. With a state-of-art CAD system, we are able modify all type of components to meet all of our customer needs.

Flathers Precision is a Quality Precision Machine Shop Orange County
Flathers Precision is a Quality Precision Machine Shop Orange County

Microelectronic Housings

Microelectronic housings are intricate pieces of hardware used for satellites, microwave and glass-to-metal seal applications. Since 1992, Flathers Precision has gained extensive experience producing tens of thousands of these components for end users such as Nortel Networks and Lucent Technologies. Manufacturing these housings demands close attention to details such as hole size, feature location and deburring, as well as expertise in machining super-alloy materials such as Kovar, Invar and Inconel. Flathers Precision goes beyond the blueprint requirements to make microelectronic housings that “exceed the need.” Experience a whole new world of quality and customer service from the manufacturing team at Flathers Precision

CNC Water Jet

CNC controlled water jet is a perfect option for our customers when surface finish is not always a priority. Large and small order quantities are always welcomed and there are a wide range of materials and thicknesses that can be cut. The benefits are relativly smooth edges and absence of a heat affected zone. Water jet cutting is an ideal option for most cutting needs. When critical machining needs to be done, Flathers Precision Inc. can provide those services to meet your needs.

Flathers Precision is a Quality Precision Machine Shop Orange County

Quality Guaranteed 

The quality system at Flathers Precision is certified to meet all your quality needs. This is your guarantee of quality and reliability at Flathers Precision. “We are completely committed to being the best in the business,” says Jerry Flathers, founder and president. "At Flathers, there is no room for compromise and we prove it each and every day to our loyal customers.” Flathers Precision was founded on the principles of quality, attention to detail and customer service and that tradition continues to be at the core of Flathers’ success in the precision machining industry. We guarantee it. 

Flathers Precision Quality Policy

"It is the policy of Flathers Precision to achieve and continuously meet or exceed our customers’ needs for the highest quality delivered on time. It is what we do. We are committed to continually apply preventative measures, in lieu of detection in quality and delivery, and are committed to implementing, documenting and maintaining simple procedures, which will be followed by all associates at Flathers Precision. We are committed to the total employee involvement of all associates in all areas of operations at Flathers Precision and are committed to total quality management that demands continuous improvement. From this dedication we are committed to the continuous training and development of all our human resources and committed to the total understanding and implementation of our customer quality requirements, both stated and unstated, into our processes, such that we will always supply outstanding service."

Jerry Flathers, CEO
Flathers Precision, Incorporated 


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